The admin progression really started with admin 7, which was assembled by Mitch. This is the core of our present admin. Mitch put together many different ideas and alterations that the early pioneers like Jupiter, DAAB, Sosenka, and Storm had been doing. The name USAF Development Team was a loose association of fans and hackers that wanted to improve Subsequent release 8. This effort was mainly engineered by Jupiter using his own deep insight in to the game structure and drawing on the community contribution once again. Admin 8.2, 8.25 were mainly inserting new stuff and eliminating objects that didn't work, also correcting the loadouts. Many people contributed to the effort including myself. And then Beamrider 8.4 refined and added to the present state.
Then came Slikk that almost totally rewrote the game. . . Super Pro.
Previous to admin 7, there were a few independent efforts that were in use. USAF Development Team name was used to homogenate all the loose cannon efforts to try and get most people on the same page. No one is bound to use 8.4 or Super Pro it just gives a starting point for departure if you wish.
Remember that there were many fans that spent countless hours that aren't mentioned in the credits.

Admin.ini tweaking in it's infancy. Dan was a very big
contributor and booster. Elements of his contribution to the admin is still present with the addition of all the extra buildings that were imported from a never to be released sim. Site is still up. Blue&White. No present information.

A giant that is still a force in the skinning world although he has not been active for a long, long time. His original skins are the basis for many of the current efforts. Also created the landmark Admin 7 that is still the heart of our present admin.ini file. Michael is a 3d designer by trade. His return to the fold would be most welcome as we did not have the 3d key when he was active, but we wish him well. Site is still active Mitch's USA

Was there at the beginning and is still active today. The quintessential fan and Guru. Master of all aspects of the game. Quarterback and chief architect of Admin 8, and with tenacity, has dissected and polished the FM's of most of the aircraft. Mission building like no other with specialized weapons and a damn good skinner. Always there to answer questions. Perhaps sometimes with a short fuse :-).

Mark please send picture and bio.


That's Storm on the right with Cpt. Alamo.
Perhaps the first admin.ini adjustment. The "fly any plane" admin.ini. Also contributor to Admin 8.25. Still active on the boards and gives us an occasional skin.

I'm 29, married to Dawn (7 years), and we have two children, Nicholas and Emily. I've been in the U.S. Air Force as a Life Support Technician, for 11 1/2 years. My assignments have been to Hurlburt Field and Eglin AFB, both in Florida. There I worked on many Special Operations aircraft and helicopters, then when I moved to Eglin, I got my short stint with with F-15
Eagle. Currently, I'm stationed at Ramstein AB,Germany, where I'm now the Life Support Instructor for the 86th Air Wing.

My simming interest began with Falcon (early 1980s), and steadily progressed, as did the flight sim community and games. Currently, my focus has changed to include SF:P1, IL-2 Sturmovik, BattleField 1942 and Medal of Honor:AA.

Outside of computers, I'm very big on military history and recreating that through scale model building. Living here in Germany has allowed me to visit many of the former battlegrounds, as well as collect several WWII artifacts.

Perhaps the most important contributor. Without critical information and files supplied by him, USAF would not be the sim it is today. No amount of hacking would have revealed the information needed to continue the progress in most areas if it were not for this patriot. I don't think a photo and bio would be appropriate for this dedicated friend of the community to protect his anonymity.

Deciphered the .p3d code to reveal the necessary names to activate all the moveable and non movable parts of the 3d aircraft. This was key in completing new 3d aircraft.

Oli is very talented young man. If you read this, please send us what you are doing lately and a picture.

Very, very important 3d information and skinning techniques.
Enough said.


   Beamrider (or Brent to those who know him outside of computer stuff) lives in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Married and proud father of 3, he works as a driver in the trucking industry.

His interest in computers started back in the early to mid 90's with the introduction of a cool new game called DOOM. His interest in sims and military aircraft began with a $20 copy of U.S. Navy Fighters, and on to include most of EA/Janes subsequent titles.

Other interests include basic HTML, 3D art and mods for USAF, tinkering around with computer programs/gadgets, and a little gaming, mostly offline. His favorite titles include USAF, Rogue Spear/Urban Ops, Thief 2, Longbow 2, and System Shock 2.



My name is Michael Miller, just turned 32 this past July and I live in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. I have always had a fascination with flight both natural and human-made. I began flying for my private license when I was 16, but had to give it up when my eye-sight started to change for the worse (1987). So, career change. Went to university got degrees in zoology and biology and now work as a contracting biologist studying birds. I am to be married on the 2nd of September of this year to a wonderful women, Karena. We live with two dogs and two cats, and until recently, with a cockatiel who passed on (fly high Ray!). I love making skins! Terry, McFly, gave me the help to get started and have worked at it ever since. I have met a lot of great people in this forum. Let's keep up the good work. The photo is of me with an adult female Bald Eagle which was illegally taken from the nest as a chick and was raised by somebody in captivity who probably wanted a "cool pet". As a result, her behaviour was unpredictable and non-releasable, but she was still healthy. What a pity...


  Long time fan and booster.
BIO: Married, 33 wife is Jessica, son is Derek, Dog is Dunkin.
I work for Customer Service for Bauer Nike Hockey taking Custom orders for the United States.
Hobbies are: Sims(Duh!)Hockey, planespotting, and my family


Father of Super Pro, master of the administration file. Contributor extrordinaire.

My name is David Taylor or (Slikk) to those who know me on line. My hobbies are USAF, Mohaa, & Cars I am in the music business and I own a recording studio. I have been recording records and playing live concerts for many years but now I prefer to be behind the scenes. I first started using computers to help with my business and then shortly after that I got into flight sims. My first flight sim was F-19 Stealth fighter it was terrible compared to today's flight sims the graphics were bad and all of the objects in the game were wire framed but back then I was just glad to be able to do something like that on a computer. I have been modding for years but when USAF came out I thought that this was a sim worth digging in to. It looked grate but the game play was not what I wanted it to be so I started fixing this & that and before you know it I was spending countless hours trying to help make USAF what it is today.


Hi my name is Luke Galarraga. Most of you know me for the F-4 skins I made, or the Tomcat and some Hornet skins I made for Janes F/A-18. I am 17 1/2 years old, I am going to college and I am goin to be in the NROTC program and soon to be a midshipmen for the Navy Sea Cadets Corps, in four years hopefully I will be a Naval Aviator(sorry AF guys, I am more used to Naval standarts blame Top Gun and my NJROTC Senior Naval Science Instructor lol). I dont really have a good picture of me. As in for jobs, ehhh lol, I just fix peoples computers and get a little cash here and there.

RussoUK2002 - Russell John Morgan

Age 41 From Cardiff south Wales UK
Living with my g/f of 3 years...gonna marry next year maybe
I'm a qualified wall and floor tiler but also a qualified landscape gardener, I do tiling now and again but it's mostly gardens I do.
Apart from a love of aircraft, I love fishing too. All I have really done is a few skins and posted a few pics etc for
still, I live in would be good to see who we all correspond to on here etc.


Proprietor of Bobs Your that hosts McFly Aviation and TNM Guitars. Two of my favorite subjects. In my much younger days I was an avid model builder of both aircraft and armor. At 13 I got a beautiful new Gibson ES225t for Christmas that started a life long love of guitars. At 16 I was making guitars in my parents garage. At about this time I met Semie Mosley (Mosrite Guitars) and got to learn from the master. At 20 I was lead guitar repairman at Vox Guitars (no money there). A few years later I became a cabinet maker and purchased a countertop/cabinet shop business in 1981. I sold the business in January 2002 and now work part-time as a kitchen designer at Home Depot (damn, didn't sell for enough to retire). I always dreamed of being a pilot in the Navy or Air Force but poor eye sight thwarted that dream early on. I recently went through ground school for private pilot license but haven't carried it to the next step. I also make the occasional custom guitar, hence my TNM Guitar page.The real fulfillment came when I got a computer and was finally able to get in the pilots seat for the first time.

For the curious, McFly turned 60 in July.

MAX - "Max" O. Doger

   Max came in and fulfilled the long time dream of adding full fledged 3d models with all the trimmings. A Max Pack is about to be released (today's date 8/26/2002). Visit his site Fighter Town

Hi all, I'm an animator and designer. Recently graduated in Design, now working hard on some interactive media and virtual reality applications as a job, and develop sims as a hobby. There is nothing more that I like than simulation, and real simulation at that. My interest in aviation started as a kid, my father was an instructor and trained pilots in simulators and actual flight. Flew some myself :D, man was it real! For USAF I have been creating new 3d art and objects from planes to buildings. My favorite plane the F16c was the first 3d model I did to be included into the sim.


3D contributor. Legendary Avro Arrow and Mig29M.

Please send bio and picture.


  3D contributor from South America. IA-58a Pucara and missile mods.

Well, how should I start? I'm from Córdoba, Argentina, I'm 22 years old and I study Metal industry engineering at the Technological National University.
I practice Kung-Fu (the Hung Gar stile) at the Hu Chao School, I love trekking and Mountain Bikes which I practice here in Córdoba where we have 3000mts tall hill.
My interest for planes started when I was a Kid, I used to build scale models (1:72). When I bought my first PC I got a copy of F-22 Raptor, my first simulator followed by a long list like, F-18 Korea, A-10 Cuba, Su-27 Flanker, etc. Finally I got the USAF where I discovered the huge possibilities of this Sim.
So I got to work and started practicing with the 3D Max until I managed to finish my first model (IA-58 Pucará), Which I published at this page, finally I decided to put my effort to develop the Falklands Island's War planes (hope I can make it!!)

Greetings from Argentina

Ariel "Mantis" Cancio


  Long time booster and contributor.

My name is Víctor Fernando Amaya Granados, and I live in Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela. After I buy USNF in 1997, I make this my main hobbie. A few year later I created a virtual squad, but this time using the USAF as the main sim. When I started this squad, I was interested in a close look at the sim, so I started to help the Usaf Dev. Team in the creation of Loadout screens, then in a couple of admins, wich I called MavMods, and that info is still included in the Admin 8.4.

I meet the usaf comunity a long time ago, when they get together in CombatSim forum, I made the jump to SimHq when the dediced to do so, and I´ve been in touch with this incredible people for years. I was an honor when Mc told me about me included in the Credits page. Incredible.

In real life, I study Business Administration in the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas. I´m a huge fan of the Venezuela Air Force, and basically, every thing that flyes.

I hope we can continue developing this great sim, and be able to enjoy it for a long time.

Greetings from Venezuela!!!



Skin artist extrodinaire.

My name es José Pablo Gallego Esteban, and I live in Badajoz, Spain. My interest in the sims began one morning when I wake up and go to the hardware store to buy a joystick and the F-18 Korea. After that I get the IAF and started to make skins for that sim. Then I realized that the USAF had the same system, so I make some skins for it.

A couple of months later I meet Maverick, and the rest of the Escuadron 111, so I became a member of it, and we started to work in some aspect of the usaf. I worked mainly in the graphic part, so I created some skins, loadout screens, etc. When we have some progress, we decided to make the EP.

In real life I´m studying for a microinformatic system technician degree, and I like to design web sites. I was a Red Cross volunteer too.

Well, that´s me!! :-D      Visit Gawl's Hangar



   Born in Dayton, Ohio June 3rd, 1985, currently a junior in high school, trying to start a band, lol

First found out about USAF while fooling around in JCN, I was a huge fan of the IAF sim at the time, and found out that USAF was merely a massive rebuild of IAF with American aircraft, dynamic campaigns and the like, instantly, I was there, had a copy a few months later, hooked on it, been here ever since, I did have some skins made, but a reformat whipped them out,so I am just now getting back into skinning, I am a huge MiG-29 fan.

AERNY - Arnold Veeman

When I was doing my daily
“usafforumwatch” I came at your site andsaw your creditslist on it. Thank you for putting me on it. The first fun thing to say about my tiny bit of contribution for usaf was digging into how rain could be activated in the game. The only way I could do this was by editing in a *.pms file. So no c++ just a hand to people who actual c??n do this. I posted this information on Mitch’s
site and then there was DAAB who did the rest. After that I made a Las Vegas Tour 2000 indeed with Area 51 on it as accurate as possible. My next dream for USAF was that one could develop this further in order to get a landable airbase. Still it is not possible. I will actively hop in the forum boards as this comes out to be possible. For more information about me as an other person just search on google on my name. I’ve done some cool contemporary
music projects and earn money being a freelance composer/ sound designer forall occasions.

Mission maker. Las Vegas Tour.


  Tireless tester and super booster of USAF. Very helpful site with lots of tips and installation instructions BlackSheep

I'm 46 years old A BoilerMaker from Saint John New Brunswick. Got my first puter 2 1/2 years ago. Bought several games, then I found USAF, after leaving one squad, I decided to start the Black Sheep. Main reason being, was the new Admin patches.
Hobbies, Flyfishing for Atlantic Salmon & trolling for Laketrout hence thecallsign.


Due to issues of national security Mr. X cant show his mug. (In English: crap my scanners busted) But I will tell you I'm somewhat tall, almost 20, trying to get into college, my name is Robert (Bob) Calvin Johnson, and I'm originally from Ohio, moved to Colorado for a year, and I now reside in Buffalo, NY. I hope to eventually do something in the aerospace or computer field, not sure yet, I like flight sims (obviously) I work at a grocery store and fix computers, I like fast planes, hot cars, rock music and fine ladies. Nuf said here.



"About me: My name Mohamad "Gulf Knight" Al-Mishwit . I am a 34 year old husband and father of 5 and I am from Kuwait. My family is important to me but I do spend as much of my free time as I can spare making / skinning models. My inspiration for wanting to make the models came after I joined SimHQ and saw so many of the members saying, "I wish we had such and such to fly in the game."

That's when I got my 3DMax and began the long tedious journey of learning to model (which all began with a flying egg!). I know my models are FAAAAR from perfect, as I am still in the process of learning. As my techniques improve, I hope to be able to offer better versions of planes that I have already done. I hope you enjoy my stuff."

Take care and thanks,








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